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Dampf-Kraft-Wagen (German: steam-driven car) or DKW is a historic car and motorcycle marquee. In 1916, the Danish engineer Jørgen Skafte Rasmussen founded a factory in Saxony, Germany, to produce steam fittings. In the same year, he attempted to produce a steam-driven car, called the DKW. Although unsuccessful, he made a two-stroke toy engine in 1919, called Des Knaben Wunsch — “the boy’s desire”. He also put a slightly modified version of this engine into a motorcycle and called it Das Kleine Wunder — “the little marvel”. This was the real beginning of the DKW brand: by the 1930s, DKW was the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer.

In 1932, DKW merged with Audi, Horch and Wanderer, to form the Auto Union. Auto Union came under Daimler-Benz ownership in 1957, and was finally purchased by the Volkswagen Group in 1964. The last DKW car was the F102 which ceased production in 1966; after this the brand was phased out.



Hhmmm.. emang gak salah kalo DKW disebut ketjil2 cabe rawit. Motor tua pertama yang beneran gw punya. Walo belum teruji (belum sempet2 pgn turing ka bdg, teh) tapi buat ukuran 125 cc, tahun 1954 (???) DKW RT125/2H ini emang bener2 yummy!!

Jelas…. gak gampang gw wujut-in keinginan ini. Niat dari jaman kuliah… malah lupa waktu bujangan dan duit bergelimpangan. Baru dapet setelah nikah, punya anak dan berjodohlah! Gak cuma itu… setelah mejus beberapa bulan, akhirnya bisa ngangerung deui!!

(poto-poto motor kolot http://www.flickr.com/photos/adhythya/)

(live after death, my DKW: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YX1QUFrX00k)

Emang bener kate org… “Jodoh, pati, rejeki, dan motor tua… kersaning Gusti Allah!”. Jojodoan. Kalo udah wayahnya… yaa, gak kemana-mana!

sok, hedjo!


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