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liverpool 2 – blackburn 1

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Rolling Stones: the Backstage’s

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The Big Question

Mick Jagger leans on his stylist Pierre Laroche during their American tour in 1975. They kicked off their tour in New York City by performing “Brown Sugar” on a flatbed driven down Broadway, and their stage props included a giant phallus.

Bianca's Pass

Bianca Jagger displays her backstage pass on her white platform shoe during the 1975 Tour of the Americas. The couple married in 1971 and divorced in 1978. “My marriage ended on my wedding day,” Bianca said later.

Jagger & Annie Liebovitz on Camera

Singer Mick Jagger and photographer Annie Liebovitz pose at Niagara Falls during the Rolling Stones Tour of the Americas in 1975. Perhaps her most famous portrait of a musician, however, was the one she took of John Lennon and Yoko Ono five hours before Lennon was killed.

Back Rub for Bill

Bassist Bill Wyman receives a shoulder massage backstage during the Rolling Stones’ 1975 Tour of the Americas. “I always got great respect as a bass player,” he said.

Keeps Balance

Mick Jagger balances in a backstage corridor in 1975. “Anarchy is the only slight glimmer of hope,” he said.

Keith Gets Made Up

Keith Richards puts on make-up for a show in 1975.“If you’re going to kick authority in the teeth, you might as well use two feet,” he said.

Lovely Couple

Jovial guitarist Ron Wood holds inebriated colleague Keith Richards backstage in 1975. “I never thought I was wasted, but I probably was,” Richards said later.

who's need practice? The rockstars!

Guitarist Ron Wood tunes up before a concert during the Rolling Stones Tour of the Americas, 1975. It was the band’s first tour with Wood, and he had to practice to get up to speed with the band’s songs.

Stands Up

Keith Richards leans against a wall backstage in 1975. “John Lennon … seemed to be in competition with me over drugs, and I never really understood that,” Richards once said.

Studded Stud

Bill Wyman quietly downs a beer backstage in 1975. Wyman wasn’t a big drinker or drug user. Instead, he was “girl mad.”

Here's Custard in Your Eye

Mick Jagger (R), Brian Jones, Bill Wyman, and Charlie Watts enjoy a custard pie fight at the Kensington Gore Hotel, where they held a ”Beggars Banquet” in celebration of the release of their new album of that name in 1968.

Necessary Supplies

The Stones keep a stash of alcohol on hand backstage in 1975. When asked how he keeps fit, Keith Richards replied: “Passing the vodka bottle. And playing the guitar.”

Leibovitz's shot

Photographer Annie Leibovitz gets her camera ready during the Rolling Stones Tour of the Americas in 1975.

You’ll love me but I won’t

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Woodstock: The Legendary Lineup

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Woodstock poster

In the summer of 1969, half a million hopeful, peace-loving young people — ‘lured by music, the country and some strange kind of magic,’ LIFE wrote — came together on a dairy farm in upstate New York, with some of the generation’s best artists providing the soundtrack. Here, experience the festival in the exact order it played out, from beginning (Richie Havens) to end (the guitar hero himself, Jimi Hendrix).

Woodstock's Opening Act: Richie Havens

Aug 15, 1969.
Three days of peace, love, and music begin with folk artist Richie Havens taking the stage as the festival’s first act. He plays covers of the Beatles’ “Hey Jude” and “Strawberry Fields Forever,” as well as his own hits including “Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child.”

John Sebastian

Aug 15, 1969. The spontaneous of the founder of the Lovin’ Spoonful, who left that group a year earlier, is pictured during his unscheduled solo performance on Friday. He dedicated one of his songs, “Younger Generation,” to a newborn baby at the festival.

Rose Simpson, Mike Heron, Christina "Licorice" McKechnie, and Robin Williamson

Aug 15, 1969. Rose Simpson, Mike Heron, Christina “Licorice” McKechnie, and Robin Williamson perform as part of the British group the Incredible String Band.
Tim Hardin
Aug 15, 1969. Folk singer Tim Hardin played just two songs on the festival’s first day; one of them was “If I Were a Carpenter,” which Hardin wrote but was made more famous by Bobby Darin.
Ravi Shankar (right)
Aug 15, 1969. Ravi Shankar (right) plays sitar despite the rain that had begun to fall on Friday. Indian classical music was popular in the counterculture at the time, with bands like the Beatles and the Byrds incorporating it into their music.

Woody Guthrie

Aug 15, 1969. The folk artist and son of Woody Guthrie sings on the first day of the festival.
Joan Baez – Mother of Folk
Aug 15, 1969. Baez, six months pregnant at the time, takes the stage as the last act of Woodstock’s first day. During her set she paid musical tribute to immigrant labor worker Joe Hill, and performed her covers of “We Shall Overcome” and “Swing Low Sweet Chariot.”

Carlos Santana - David Brown

Aug 16, 1969. Carlos Santana trades riffs with bassist David Brown during his namesake band’s performance on Woodstock’s second day. On their eight-song setlist: “Evil Ways.”

Alan "Blind Owl" Wilson

Aug 16, 1969. Getting the blues with Canned Heat’s Alan “Blind Owl” Wilson plays harmonica during the band’s sunset performance on Saturday. A little more than a year later, Wilson was dead of a drug overdose. He was 27.
Canned Heat: Larry Taylor’s Bass Face
Aug 16, 1969. Canned Heat’s Bassist Larry Taylor

janis joplin

Aug 16, 1969. The legendary rock & roll belter dances on stage during her Saturday set with the Kozmic Blues Band. A little more than a year later, Joplin was dead of a drug overdose. She was 27.

Pete Townshend

Aug 17, 1969. The songwriter/guitarist lifts his Gibson SG during the Who’s epic 25-song set. The band had just released the album Tommy and ripped through many tunes from it; perhaps most memorably, they played “See Me, Feel Me” as the sun rose over Woodstock on Sunday morning.

Jefferson Airplane Soars

Aug 17, 1969. Grace Slick leads the band through a rocking Sunday-morning set of 13 songs, including “Somebody to Love” and “White Rabbit.” For more about Slick and her memories of Woodstock, check out her Guest Editor gallery.

Joe Cocker

Aug 17, 1969. Clad in a tie-dyed tee and sweating up a storm, Cocker performs on Sunday afternoon. Before a huge rainstorm halted all stage performances, he belted out his bluesy rearrangement of the Beatles’ “With a Little Help From My Friends.” (Cocker’s recorded version of that song was later used as the theme to the popular ’60s-set TV show The Wonder Years.)

Jimi Hendrix

Aug 18, 1969. Woodstockstrar! Jimi Hendrix fronts his band — going by the new name Gypsy Sun and Rainbows — as the last act on Woodstock’s final day. Hendrix came out of the festival with perhaps the most electrifying performance: his genius solo guitar interpretation of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” A little more than a year later, Hendrix was dead. He was 27.
With all respect to lifemagz:

Welcome Vietnam

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Hehehehe, bukan berarti saya mau pergi ke Vietnam… (belum aja siiiih…), cuma mo cerita, dan pamer,akhirnya gw beli juga Viet-Drip Coffee maker ini plus 1 bungkus Del Canto ArabicaWamena coffee dari mas Hendri di SarangKopi, Bandung.



Setelah baca petunjuk penggunaan+ sedikit feeling, saya coba 1 Pure Black Vietnam-Drip, sedangkan si cinta,maksudnya istri saya, nyobain dengan tambahan susu segar Indomilk (plain). Keduanya tanpa gula. Srupuut…. Aaaach…

Cuma satu kata yang bisa mendeskripsikan rasanya! “WOW!!”


blogs-riding part1

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today is a link’s day.

after several months i didn’t write anything, today i just wanna share my blogs-riding. the list are really good blog, good site, so much inspiration. the number doesn’t mean anything except number. so, lets (blog) ride, dude!

  1. –> owned by kaz. livin in japan on britstyle. here you’ll find good jap’s blog, unfortunately in japs language, like what i found: –>nice japs clothing blog. or this one: –> nice work for your custom bikes/car.
  2. –> you know the gkm, this is a they blog.
  3. –> best (in my opinion) custom motorcycle blog ever
  4. –> owner of Shamrock Fabrication, the living proof of biker never dies! 🙂
  5. –> uuugh, i love their work!  speechlessssss…..
  6. –> if u love vintages, then you will… i guarantee, you will love this blog
  7. –> yes, it’s a dice-magz’s blog. hehehe…
  8. –>the sinner’s blog. i think i found this blog linked on kaz’s.
  9. –> it’s a happening blog with good linked there.
  10. –> for those who crazy about XS650cc.
  11. –> and this one too.
  12. –>you can see, can watch, you can hear almost all the vintage motorcycle
  13. –> for those who loves vespa & lambretta, it could listed on your link too.
  14. –> one of the oldies site (hehehe) about vintage vehicle
  15. –> if you wanna know about vintage motorcycle in indonesia, you are welcome.
  16. –> everything on 2 wheel
  17. –> wow! kustom klothing mostly
  18. –> nice grafis for your hodrod vehicle
  19. –> someday i will ride go there
  20. –> good customize

all links already listed the blog on my blogroll.

continue to blogs-riding part2