blogs-riding part1

today is a link’s day.

after several months i didn’t write anything, today i just wanna share my blogs-riding. the list are really good blog, good site, so much inspiration. the number doesn’t mean anything except number. so, lets (blog) ride, dude!

  1. –> owned by kaz. livin in japan on britstyle. here you’ll find good jap’s blog, unfortunately in japs language, like what i found: –>nice japs clothing blog. or this one: –> nice work for your custom bikes/car.
  2. –> you know the gkm, this is a they blog.
  3. –> best (in my opinion) custom motorcycle blog ever
  4. –> owner of Shamrock Fabrication, the living proof of biker never dies! 🙂
  5. –> uuugh, i love their work!  speechlessssss…..
  6. –> if u love vintages, then you will… i guarantee, you will love this blog
  7. –> yes, it’s a dice-magz’s blog. hehehe…
  8. –>the sinner’s blog. i think i found this blog linked on kaz’s.
  9. –> it’s a happening blog with good linked there.
  10. –> for those who crazy about XS650cc.
  11. –> and this one too.
  12. –>you can see, can watch, you can hear almost all the vintage motorcycle
  13. –> for those who loves vespa & lambretta, it could listed on your link too.
  14. –> one of the oldies site (hehehe) about vintage vehicle
  15. –> if you wanna know about vintage motorcycle in indonesia, you are welcome.
  16. –> everything on 2 wheel
  17. –> wow! kustom klothing mostly
  18. –> nice grafis for your hodrod vehicle
  19. –> someday i will ride go there
  20. –> good customize

all links already listed the blog on my blogroll.

continue to blogs-riding part2


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