1967 Triumph Trophy Bobber

Anjing! (dalam bhs sunda  mah ini bisa byk arti… mulai makina hingga pujian. such as a FUCK word in english. dan “anjing” yang ini, artinya udah pasti pujian kali, njing!!)

Ben of Montreal, PQ, Canada, bikin 1967 Triumph Trophy Bobber-nya di modif keren gellaa!!

Ben: “Bobber TR6R 1967, 650cc with matching numbers. This motorcycle is a full and fresh restoration. All has been redone by Lemoyne Moto, PQ”.

Tah kitu ceunah. ngarti teu? hehehe…

nanti liatlah gambar2nya… dari A-Z bener-bener niat modifannya. mesinnya rapi, catnya narsis (iyee, udah tau kalee semua kalo triuph teh dari england!), segalanya dipikirin dan asik. gak ribet. i think, this’s a bobber should be.

silakan menikmati mas brooo..

Specs Custom Bobber:

• Frame year: 1967, stock, Triumph;

• Frame type: bolt-on plunger rear section;

• Rake: none;

• Stretch: a little in rear section;

• Other: powdercoat, matchnumbers;

• Forks: Honda CB750, not extended;

• Front wheel: 19 inch (100/90-19);

• Front tire : Bridgestone Spitfire21;

• Front hub: Honda;

• Front rim: Honda;

• Front brakes : disk;

• Rear wheel: 16 inch (Mt90-16);

• Rear tire : Maxxis whitewall;

• Rear hub: Triumph;

• Rear rim: Harley, powdercoat;

• Rear special : 1/4 inch stainless steel spokes;

• Rear brakes: drum;

• Bars: Drag bar;

• Fenders: Honda front / trailer back;

• Headlight: 6 inch round;

• Taillight: Limp;

• Speedo: Honda CB750;

• Front Pegs: stainless steel forward controls;

• Electrics: owner – minimal;

• Gas Tank: peanut, liner inside;

• Oil Tank: round stainless steel;

• Oil System: owner;

• Seat: Sparkly blue.

Engine specs 1967 TR6R Triumph Bobber:

• Year: 1967;

• Model: 2 cyl;

• Displacement: 650cc;

• Rebuilder: Lemoyne Moto;

• Ignition: Electronic Boyer;

• Alternator : Sparx Hi-output;

• Coil: Spyke starters;

• Lower end: Triumph;

• Balancing: Stock;

• Pistons: Little Over;

• Cases: Stock, epoxy paint inside;

• Heads: Stock (new);

• Cams: Triumph (new);

• Lifters: Triumph (new);

• Carb: Amal single;

• Air cleaner: Round;

• Motor Mount : Choppahead;

• Pipes: TT Pipe w/ baby muffler.


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